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  • Find out if women get better car insurance rates than men.
  • Want to see how age affects what you pay for car insurance?
  • See how safe drivers get better insurance rates.

Three Important Car Insurance Rate Risk Factors

Insurance Rates for Women


Gender plays a role in the pricing of car insurance, with women receiving better rates. This is because women are statistically safer drivers than men, speed less and drive cars that cost less to insure. Women typically pay 8% less than men for car insurance.

Driving Records' Role


A clean driving record is rewarded by lower insurance premiums. Moving citations and major accidents can increase your insurance rates. Minor accidents and accidents where you were not at fault usually don’t impact your rate. Accident-forgiveness policies ignore your first accident if you are an otherwise safe driver.

Effect of Age & Insurance


Based on statistical analysis, insurance companies find that older drivers tend to be safer than younger ones. Insurance policies reflect this in the decreasing premium costs as the driver ages. Elderly drivers are sometimes exempted, so it is important to find a policy that rewards an experienced and safe driver.

Overall Safe Driving


There are various factors that can influence your monthly rates. However, the best thing to remember is that safe driving will determine the best rates for your monthly insurance. Making sure that you're following the law at all times will, in all probability, keep you safe and your rates down.

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